The Birth of Curren Christian Academy - Margaret and Hayden Reading

The Birth of Curren Christian Academy

The term “homeschooling” first entered my consciousness when our son was about three years old. Almost robotically I found myself seeking out information about it. I didn’t know anyone that did it. I didn’t know if it was legal. I had never heard of it. The first time I uttered the words to my husband, he emphatically said, “No way are we homeschooling.” At the time we lived in the greater Houston metropolitan area, and with a plethora of private school options he saw no reason to entertain that thought. With that, I put it out of my mind. Or tried to, anyway. But at some point I found myself being drawn to it again. As I found interesting tidbits I shared them with my husband. He listened politely, but that was about it. One day it occurred to me that maybe God had planted this seed in my mind, or heart, or wherever. So I prayed about it and told Him that if He was leading me to homeschooling that I was willing but that my husband was not convinced. I then asked Him to give me a sign and that it was to be my husband telling me to homeschool. Quite a bit of time passed and during that time my husband decided that he wanted to make a change. He had been the branch manager for a large investment firm for about twenty years in one of its largest markets, and he decided that he wanted to slow down a little by taking a smaller office. As a result, we moved to a small town in the Texas hill country. By this time, our son was six, and we now had a daughter who was two. Our son had been in a private church school but in this new town our only choices were public school, or a private school that didn’t meet our criteria. Being March, we decided to put him in the public school for the remainder of the school year. That short amount of time was enough to convince us that that was not what we wanted for our children, and soon after that my husband turned to me and said, “I’m ready to homeschool.” That was the sign that I had asked for several years earlier and I kept my word. I immediately started getting ready for the next school year. That was the summer of 2001. We started homeschooling at the beginning of September, 2001, just before the infamous 9/11. So now I have to tell you that my husband worked for Morgan Stanley, and that their company headquarters was in the World Trade Center. My husband was almost there that day. He had been asked to attend a meeting, but he sent someone else in his place. He was on his way to work that morning and heard about the plane hitting the first tower. He called and told me about it and I turned on the television and started watching the coverage in time to witness the second plane and everything else that transpired. So many people were affected that day, and I don’t mean to take anything away from anyone else, but it was a scary time for our family, too, as my husband worried about friends, co-workers, and employees who were in the towers, and worried about whether he still had a job and income. I have to say that I was so glad to have both of my children at home with me during that time. It really had an affect on us as a family, and on our new commitment to homeschooling.

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After homeschooling for fourteen years, I'm entering the Empty Nest phase of life. I have a wonderful husband, two grown children, and I live on a farm in the beautiful Ozarks with an assortment of dogs, cats, and poultry.

4 thoughts on “The Birth of Curren Christian Academy”

  1. I love the story about how you came to be homeschoolers. I can testify that you did a stellar job, too. I also remember calling Scott as soon as 911 happened and how he was so worried and was quick to get off the phone to check on everybody. It was such a relief that we were blessed with good news. Another memory from that day is talking to Becky and hearing her angst over how things might not have turned out so well for us. You couldn’t stop yourself from “going there” when talking about it because it hit so close to home. Oops, did I over comment? Maybe I should get my own blog😜 Actually I have insomnia and I’m on medication for a horrible cold. Evidentially, one of the side effects is a bad case of pontification so please excuse me.

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